MEMBERSHIP in our association requires that you continue to educate yourself not only for the sake of the consumers we represent but also for the benefit of your fellow REALTORS® with whom you will be constantly interacting. Membership in your local Association also provides you with the privilege of membership of State and National REALTOS® Associations.

BEING LICENSED to represent others involves an enormous amount of responsibility and liability. What you don't know is never excusable and can involve many undesirable consequences.

EDUCATION is the answer to protecting the consumer, yourself and your profession.  Expect to invest your time and money in learning. The return on this investment gives great dividends.

MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE DATA is the collective information from all listing entries in our data system. All REALTORS® and Appraisers depend on this data in order for all of us to know the market, provide CMA reports, appraisals and generally make a living. As a new REALTORS® you are entrusted with providing accurate and complete information as you participate in this system.

LEARN AND EARN your way to professionalism, income and the satisfaction of knowing you're becoming the best you can be in this ever interesting and challenging profession.

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